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About Tangent Digital Agency
Our Story and Mission

Web Design and Digital Marketing For The Modern Age. We provide you with a highly customized web development strategy accompanied by a beautifully planned marketing scheme

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David Verduzco


David is the brains and backbone of Tangent Digital Agency. His ultimate goal is to help a business grow to their full potential.  With years of programming under his belt and over 20k worth of ad spend across all his clients he guarantees a job well done and the best possible outcome he can get.
Personalized Design -
You have a vision on how you want your company portrayed, and we get that done for you with close, personal, and unique ideas not only from us but from you. We work closely together to ensure the right design and marketing strategy are put in the right place.
At Your Service-
We have a guaranteed policy here at Tangent Digital Agency, and that is guaranteed happiness. We take care of each of our clients to ensure a 100% happiness rate. We take care of our customers even after the job is done with updates and advice for further improvements.
With our continuous updates to your site, you will have the upper hand in the most modern day web-design, and be up to date in both your market and visuals. And with our SEO package, you can even gain an upper hand with your competitors in marketing to your clients and target audience.
Tangent Digital Agency provides you with personalized web design, internet marketing services, SEO, E-commerce websites, Graphic Design, Mobile application development, and Responsive Mobile Web Design. Our websites are able to transform from desktop, tablet, to mobile. With our responsive web design (RWD), you can be guaranteed a multi-platform working website.

About us and our design process

We take pride in delivering Intelligent designs and engaging 
experiences for clients all over the world.


Planning what we can do for you based on what you show us, what we show you, and both of our take on how to run your business

Product Design

Designing your personalized website or marketing campaign. This is the main and most important part of our process because its what is going to drive your business.

Adding The 'Tangent Affect'

The 'Tangent Affect' gives you the Tangent Digital Agency promise of making sure that what we do is done right, and in the most successful way possible.

Watching Numbers Grow

Now it's time to relax and see our work make and transfer conversions straight to you. See your ROI skyrocket,

We make Amazing Things Together.
Tangent has over 4 years of experience in Design, Technology and Marketing. We take pride in delivering Intelligent Designs and Engaging Experiences for clients all over the nation.

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Before you order something please check in with David using the chat function or by calling him! Dismiss